History of Nurpur

Nurpur was known as Dhameri until a visit from Noorjehan, the Queen of Emperor Nuruddin Salim Jahangir (1569–1627) of the Mughal Dynasty. According to the local legend of Nurpur, the queen was so impressed by the natural beauty of the town, that she decided to stay there for the rest of her life. This posed a problem for the local administration - they did not want their peaceful town to become the hub of the Mughal domination and influenced by the politics. So, they advised the queen that a long stay in their town could spoil her beauty and that she might be afflicted with a fictitious local disease. Horrified, she left, but the name of the town was changed to Nurpur in 1622, in honor of a Queen who had instantly fallen in love with this place.

Before 1947, Nurpur was a princely state ruled by the Pathania clan of Rajputs. The Pathania Clan (or Tomar /Tanwar clan of Chandravanshi Rajputs) had ruled here for more than eight centuries.