Response to High Court Decision

1. As per Responce to Court case CWP No. 8789/2014 & CWP No. 8781/2014- Business Institute of Management Sciences v/s State of H.P & Ors. All the points are completed in their respective Tabs.

2. As per HIGH COURT DECISIONS "CWPPIL No.10/2015 a/w, CWP No. 3511/2015 and CWPIL No. 1/2016" On 2nd Aug 2016 ,CLEANING  and BLEACHING of  Four Tanks (1000 litres each) and two tanks (500 litres each) has been done in our ITI .
--> On 2nd September 2016 Checking of tanks has been done.
-->On 1st Oct 2016 Cleaning and Bleaching of all the tanks has been done again. 
-->Next cleaning and bleaching has been done on 6 Jan 2017
-->On 27 March 2017 again cleaning and bleaching has been done.