Authorities of the Society

The following shall be the authorities of the Society
  • The Chairman of the Governing Council, who shall also be ex-officio President of the Society.
  • The Vice-Chairman of the Governing Council, who shall also be the ex-officio Vice-President of the Society.
  • The Governing Council.
  • The Secretary of the Society who shall also be the ex-officio secretary of the Society and the Governing Council.
  • Such other authorities as may be constituted as such by the Governing Council.

The Governing Council shall have powers to appoint financial and other committees/ sub committees for carrying out the objects of the Society, and by resolution delegate to the committees or sub-committee(s) so constituted such of its powers for conduct of business as it may deem necessary.

The Chairman

The Chairman of the Governing Council shall be nominated by the Industry Partner. The Chairman shall have the following powers, functions and responsibilities
  • The chairman shall provide vision to the Society and lead the IMC for upgradation of the ITI.
  • The Chairman may direct the Secretary to call a special meeting at a short notice in case of emergency.
  • The Chairman shall see that the affairs of the Society are run efficiently in accordance with the provisions of the Memorandum of Association, Rules & Regulation and bye laws of the Society as may be framed.
  • On such matters, which the Chairman thinks are of sufficient importance and urgency and can not wait for being placed in the next meeting of the Governing Council, and which he anticipates would get the approval of the Council, the Chairman shall take decisions and place the same before the Governing Council at its next meeting.
  • The Chairman shall be the sole and absolute authority to judge the validity of the votes cast by the members of the Governing Council and General Body.
  • The Chairman may in writing delegate such of his powers as he may consider necessary to the Secretary.
  • The Chairman shall be entitled to invite any other person to attend the meeting of the Governing Council but such person shall not have power to vote.
  • The Chairman shall have the authority to review periodically the work and progress of the Society and to order inquiries into the affairs of the Society and to pass necessary orders on the recommendations of the inquiry committee.
  • The Chairman shall plan, direct and coordinate the overall working, of the Society.

The Member Secretary

  • The Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Society.
  • The Secretary will be member secretary to the Society as well as the Governing Council and shall, in consultation with, the Chairman prepare agenda for the meetings of the General Body and Governing Council, convene such meetings, keep a true and accurate record of the proceedings of the same and forward all such documents, papers and related information as may be required in the discharge of his duties.
  • The Secretary shall be charged with the responsibility of day to day management and administration of the Society.
  • The Secretary shall perform his duties and functions and exercise his powers under the overall direction, superintendence and control of the Chairman of the Governing Council under the Rules and Regulations, of the Society.
In discharge of his functions, duties and powers, the Secretary, shall in particular do the following:
  • Plan, direct, co-ordinate, organise and supervise day to day work of the Society.
  • Prepare concrete operational plan of action for the year together with the revolving action plan for subsequent period of time to be determined by the Governing Council and budget estimates for the concerned period.
  • Report to the Governing Council on policy matters and achievements and delegate responsibilities to other officers, if required.
  • Present report of the Governing Council in the annual general meeting of the Society.
  • Determine operational targets, measures and methods to achieve such targets and implement them after the approval of Governing Council
  • Submit annual budget of the succeeding year at least six months prior to the closing of the Financial Year and furnish the same to State Government for getting funds from them, if any, after approval of Governing Council.
  • Submit audited statements of accounts of  the preceding year not later than three months after the close of the Financial Year.
  • Submit all such other reports as may be required by the Governing Council or otherwise.
  • Report to the Governing Council on all capital and recurring expenditure.
  • Sanction and incur expenditure in accordance with the procedure laid down in the bye laws framed for the purpose and within the authority as may be delegated by the Governing Council.
  • Sign all deeds and documents for and on behalf of the Society
  • Sign all documents and proceedings requiring authentication by the Society.
  • With the approval of the Governing Council delegate any of his powers and functions and duties to any member the staff of the Society/ITI which are not inconsistent with the provisions of these rules.
  • Do all such things as may be required for day to day management and administration of the Society