Meetings of the Society

There shall be two meetings of the Society, namely:
  • Annual General Meeting.
  • Extra Ordinary General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held not later than six months after the expiry of each financial year at such date and time and place as may be determined by the President in consultation with the Governing Council.
  • The business of the Annual General Meeting shall be
  • To receive and adopt the audited statements of accounts prepared for the preceding financial year and the annual report of the Society:
  • To consider the budget estimates and the action plan of the Society for the next financial year prepared by the Secretary and approved by the Governing Council, and to adopt the same;
  • To appoint auditors of the Society; and
  • To transact such other business which may be brought before the meeting by the Governing Council.
  • The President can at any time summon an extra ordinary general meeting of the Society, if considered necessary for transacting business of important nature or if so requisitioned by not less than five members of the Society by request in writing and specifying the reasons for the requisition within one month from the date of request of requisition.
  • Except as otherwise provided in these Rules and Regulations, all meetings of the Society shall be called by notice under the hand of the Secretary who shall act in accordance with the directions of the Chairman in this regard.
  • Every notice calling meetings of the Society under Rule 18 shall state the date, time and place at which such meeting will be held and be served upon every member of the Society not less than 10 clear days before the day appointed for the meeting.
  • The accidental omission to give or non-receipt of such notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of any such meeting.
  • A notice may be served upon any member of the Society either personally or by sending it by post in an envelope addressed to such member at his address as mentioned in the roll of members.
  • Any notice so served by post shall be deemed to have been served on 4th day following that on which the envelope containing the same was posted and prove that the envelope containing such notice was properly addressed and duly posted.
  • Every meeting of the Society shall be presided over by the President/Vice President and in their absence, by a member chosen to preside over that particular meeting,
  • One-third of the total members of the Society present in person shall form a quorum at every meeting of the Society. Where the quorum is not present within half an hour after the time fixed for the meeting of Governing Council, the meeting shall stand adjourned and may be held at the same place after half an Hour following the adjournment. No quorum shall be necessary for such adjourned meeting.
  • Subject to provisions contained in Rule 79 supra, all disputed questions at the meeting of the Society shall be determined by majority of votes.
  • Each member of the Society shall have one vote,
  • In case of equality of votes for and against a particular issue, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
  • The Society shall cause minutes of all proceedings of its Annual General Meetings, and of its Extra Ordinary General Meetings to be entered in a Minute Book kept for the purpose.
  • Any such minutes, if purporting to be signed by the Chairman of the meeting at which the proceedings were held or by the Chairman of the next succeeding meeting, shall be evidence of the proceedings.
  • The minutes book shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Society and shall during business hours be open to inspection of any member free of charge.
In respect of the following business of the Society a special resolution as defined in Section of the Act would be required to be passed
  • Amendment of the Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations;
  • Change in the name of the Society, subject to approval of the Registrar.
  • Amalgamation and division of the Society:
  • Manner of distribution of any property left undistributed on dissolution of the Society.
  • A copy of the special resolution shall be filed with the Registrar within days from the date of passing of such resolution signed by the Secretary of the Society.