Electerician 2nd shift

Year Wise and Trade Wise Details of The Trainees

NameFather's NameDOBMale/ FemaleMobile No.CategoryTradeShift
Eakta Devi Shamsher Singh 8-5-1990 F 1893275254 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Saroop Kumar Khem Chand 2-12-1990 M 92187-28983 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Mohit Kaundal Kuldeep Singh 28-8-1988 M 98165-73125 OBC/Rural  Electrician 2nd
Abhimanyu Singh Jagdish Singh 14-9-1991 M 01893-201008 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Sunil Kumar Gian Singh 11-11-1990 M 88942-58736 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Rakesh kumar Naresh kumar 11-7-1991 M 9459288651 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Ravi kumar Kamal raj 12-4-1992 M 9805429418 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Vinay kaushal Sushil kumar 31-8-1992 M 9882222379 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Vinkal sharma des raj 01-08-1991 M 9816225466 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Sanjay kumar Parkesh chand 29-03-1992 M 9459055987 SC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Naveen kumar Prittam singh 02-01-1991 M 9882693096 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Vinod kumar Surinder kumar 06-06-1990 M 1893252591 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Naresh kumar Madan lal 25-011992 M 94592-58739 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Vinay kumar Janam singh 19-12-1987 M 01893-278032 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Som raj Saran singh 12-10-1992 M 88945-32701 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Rajesh kumar Manohar lal 13-3-1990 M 98165-75850 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Rajnish kumar Kartar chand 29-5-1989 M 94189-69160 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Ajay kumar Mohinder singh 15-02-1991 M 98177-40945 OBC/Rural Electrician 2nd
Raj kumar Naresh kumar 20-11-1991 M 98167-10060 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd
Gourav pathania Kuldeep singh 11-07-1992 M 94590-69472 GEN/Rural Electrician 2nd